Spirit France, leading producer of Calvados with the emblematic brands Père Magloire, Boulard and Lecompte, is happy to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in one of the most prestigious and most ancient Armagnac brand: Janneau.


Founded in 1851, Janneau is one of the oldest houses in Armagnac.  Janneau is home of one of the most important production plant and storage facility in the Armagnac region carrying out distillation, ageing and bottling of its production only in the region of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée.  Thanks to its marvelous all-vintage stocks, and the use of the Double Distillation method, Janneau offers a range of unique premium Armagnac which have won all top quality awards around the globe.

The Spirit France group specialized in premium spirits develops valuable brands in unavoidable niches of the premium spirit markets. Through its subsidiary Spirit France, the Group’s holding Spirit Capital is the world-leading producer and distributor of Calvados, and now, of one of the top-3 leading brands of the Armagnac category.

With Janneau joining its portfolio, Spirit France will offer its clients throughout the world, the opportunity to truly experience “the best of France”, with a unique combination of iconic brands and centuries’ old spirit houses. Armagnac and Calvados most prestigious brands are now combined to offer to the world amateurs, the most achieved taste of French luxury.


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