Calvados Boulard celebrates Japan!

Reflecting the continuing growth of our brand in the Far East, Calvados Boulard recently formed a partnership with the Deauville Asian Film Festival to unveil our latest creations.

Our first appearance was at the closing ceremony of the France-Japan economic summit, chaired by H.E. the Ambassador of Japan, where Maison Boulard presented delegates with a selection of delicious Calvados cocktails.

At the Boulard Distillery, 5th generation Calvados master Vincent Boulard welcomed a prestigious delegation with including H.E. the Ambassador of Japan, H.E. the Ambassador of Singapore, the Chinese Minister for Cultural Affairs and the General Consul of the Philippines. The visitors tasted some of Maison Boulard’s latest creations, with guidance from our Cellar Master.

Visit of the distillery
Visit of the cellars/one_half_last]

S.E. M. Ichiro KOMATSU and his wife, M. Vincent BOULARD

S.E M. York Chor TAN and M.Vincent BOULARD

M. Jun LU – the Chinese Minister for Cultural Affairs, S.E M. York Chor TAN– Ambassador of  Singapore,  M. Vincent BOULARD, S.E M. Ichiro KOMATSU – Ambassador of Japan

At the ceremony held to honour the work of Kiyoshi KUROSAWA, Mr. Boulard presented the celebrated Japanese director with a bottle of our latest exclusive creation: Calvados Boulard EXTRA.

A Calvados of distinction, fit for the festival’s guest of honour!


To officially close the Festival, Maison Boulard hosted a Calvados cocktail party in the Salon of the prestigious Normandy Barrière Hotel.

The great and the good of Asian cinema were invited to discover Calvados in a new light.

Tongpong CHANTARANGKUL producer

The team BOULARD, Marc JEAN and Bruno WOLKOWITCH

 Isild LE BESCO and Frédéric CHAU
 Elia SULEIMAN, President of the Jury
 Dominique BLANC

Isabelle NANTY, Jury president Action Asia, Alex BEAUPAIN, Lionel CHOUCHAN


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