Porsche rally at the Royal in Deauville

On May, the 30th and 31st took place the first PORSCHE gathering of Normandy, the “PORSCHE CASTING Classic Version.”

From multi-regional dimension, it will aim to bring together the largest number of Porsche passionate persons around all models and all vintages models of this car within two days of animations, presentations and discussions, which nature’s and themes will vary every year.

This first edition was dedicated to the whole classics:

– Old-timers: 1964-1973 models

– Young timers: 1974-1998 models

– Old competition models.

For this premium event, the cocktail served on the terrace of the Hotel Royal – Deauville was at the Maison Boulard’s colors, where guest were able to taste the famous Apple Mojito!


Apple Mojito Recipe:

• 1,25 oz. Calvados Boulard

• 10 Mint Leaves

• 1/2 Lime (cut into 4)

• Canada Dry

• 1 teaspoon of brown sugar


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