On March, Monday the 30th, the Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophies 2015 finals were held at the Hotel Amirauté, in Touques. Around a hundred bartenders, representing 15 countries, Calvados and Cinema … these are the main ingredients of the amazing Calvados-based cocktails competition finals held in Normandy.

Interviewed at the end of the trophies, Markus Sillanpää, batender at E.Ekblom bar in Turku, Finland, and winner of the International Professional Bartender Trophy, has declared his passion for Calvados since he discovered it 15 years ago! Was he confident in the results of the competition? We can believe so… The cocktail has been introduced on the E.Ekblom’s new list since the last week of March… and it is already a success!

1st Prize

Markus Sillanpää / Finland

Bartender at the E.Ekblom bar in Turku


Cocktail « Mixed Feelings »

Inspiration « A man and a woman »

« My cocktail celebrates two key moments in these man and woman’s life… who certainly have been separated: the moment they’ve met and the moment they’ve found each other again. To bring those moments together, I have mixed Calvados, cinnamon and rosemary»




5 cl Calvados

2 cl Fresh lemon juice

3 cl Cinnamon syrup

2 Rosemary small branches

5 drops Hopped gratefruit bitter


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