A Calvados night in Montréal !

On Tuesday 10th September, sommeliers and members of the Quebec press were invited to partake in a multi-sensory gastronomic experience at the Hôtel Le St-James, Montreal. This special event was hosted by Vincent Boulard, the 5th generation of Calvados producers in the Boulard family.

After a formal tasting of the Calvados Boulard range, personally presented by Vincent Boulard, the guests were introduced to an innovative way to enjoy Normandy’s most famous export, with a range of delicious cocktails created using Calvados Père Magloire. Calvados Lecompte was next up, served with a selection of beautiful hors d’œuvres prepared by the Chef of Le St-James’ Restaurant XO.

The evening’s festivities concluded with a chance to sample the Calvados BOULARD Extra, a luxurious blend of Maison Boulard’s oldest and most refined eaux-de-vie – the ultimate digestif!

Background information:

Calvados is all the rage in Montreal this year, which should come as no surprise in this corner of North America which has a strong historical ties to Normandy. Indeed it was from the port of Honfleur that Jacques Cartier set sail to explore the New World.

In 2013, Quebec has fallen once again for the charms of this ‘nectar trickled down from the heavens’, to borrow the words with which Vincent Boulard was welcomed to Montreal. The Calvados maker paid a week-long visit to the city to help celebrate seventy years of Calvados Boulard in Canada. Over the years our Calvados have won the favour of the most respected sommeliers in the finest hotels: from the Ritz-Carlton to Le Saint-James, the Auguste and the Extra are savoured in absolutely perfect conditions, the elegance of these prestigious bottles complementing the sumptuous surroundings.

A truly indulgent experience, in a city steeped in history.


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