Gold Bless Lecompte

Calvados Lecompte 18 years old and Lecompte 25 years old each won a Gold medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition which took place on the 24th of July 2013 in London.

Calvados Lecompte 18 YO has conquerred the judges for its » floral nose combined with apples, pear and some aniseed; its fine roundedness in the palate and its deepness remind the taste of baked apple, clove, liquorice and prune» whereas Calvados Lecompte 25 YO reveals «its complex nose with ripe apple, baked apple, hints of prune and nutmeg, its old and mature characters which give a smooth sensation in the mouth with a taste of mint and chocolate.»

Richard Prevel, the Cellar Master, declared:

«I am proud of these medals which reward the whole team. The enthusiasts of cigar, café, chocolate will enjoy the  warm side of Calvados Lecompte 25 YO whereas the amateurs of fineness and softness will enjoy the elegance of Calvados 18 years old, both have a good length on the palate».

IWSC is the most prestigious wine and spirit competition in the world. Products are blind tasted by leading international experts. The tasting session strengthens Calvados Lecompte’s position as the connoisseur’s reference.


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