Calvados Boulard XO «Chairman’s Trophy» at New-York

Boulard XO Calvados takes the Chairman’s Trophy in New-York !

Once again this year, the Calvados range of the Spirit France Group took honours at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge international competition in New-York, coming high up in the rankings!

First of all, Boulard XO Calvados came top of the class with a score of 96/100, taking the “Chairman’s Trophy” (best of the best) and earning citations as “extraordinary” and “ultimate recommendation”.

Boulard Calvados XO was not the only Calvados from the Spirit France Group to stand out at this prestigious competition. Père Magloire and Lecompte Calvados also excelled, taking top-of-the-table rankings with very good scores:


Finalist (score 95): Père Magloire VSOP “Extraordinary”


Finalist (score 94): Lecompte 18 years “Excellent”

Finalist (score 94): Lecompte 5 years “Excellent”

Finalist (score 92): Lecompte 12 years “Excellent”

The awards demonstrate that the three Calvados brands of the Spirit France Group are leaders in their field, the “Best of France”.


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