GOLD medal in Paris for Calvados Père Magloire VSOP!

Every year, the results and award list of the “Concours General Agricole de Paris”, a tasting competition held by the Ministry of Agriculture, is eagerly anticipated with great interest by all industry professionals. For the second consecutive year, Calvados (apple brandy) Pere Magloire VSOP has achieved the highest distinction by winning the only gold medal in its category at the 2011 Agricultural Open Competition in Paris.

« The result of blending aged spirits in small oaken barrels over long years, this apple bandy exhales the heady scent of apple blossoms. It will reward adventurous consumers with timbered vanilla notes and the rich flavor of ripe apples. This gold medal is the reward for the long work of all the cellar men on my team who devoted their patience, skill and care to the creation of this very special Calvados VSOP”. Jean-Luc Fossey – Cellar master

With its SILVER medal, Calvados Père-Magloire XO also obtains the highest classification in its category since no gold medal was given for Calvados Pays d’Auge over 10 years of age.


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