Père Magloire: back on air

From 3rd to the 16th of June, Jean Pierre Marielle will be once more the new Père Magloire’s voice of the advertising campaign on RTL and Europe 1.

The campaign will enhance the following message: ”Calvados Père Magloire, a Norman tradition since 1821 that has become a true luxury”.

145 spots will be broadcasted during two weeks with a fair split between RTL and Europe 1, targeting around 15 million of listeners.


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Calvados Luxury

Где-то в Нормандии, среди зеленеющих нормандских рощ, вот-вот появится на свет новый феномен. Самый прекрасный яблочный бренди в мире, кальвадос, преображается...
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