‘Père Magloire’ in campaign on RTL with Jean-Pierre Marielle

The emblematic calvados brand Père Magloire is making an appearance on France’s most popular radio station RTL with the talent of actor Jean-Pierre Marielle.

A promotional spot sumptuously rendered by Jean-Pierre Marielle, with the incarnate elegance of French cinema working for this now luxury Norman tradition.

Over an original jazz score by Lionel Belmondo, Pierre Lavandon and Didier Dupic, the actor sits by the fire and indulgently reflects on time and the search for perfection with his ‘Père Magloire’ calvados.

One single message: ‘Calvados Père Magloire, a Normandy tradition since 1821 which has become a true luxury.’

This radio campaign, broadcast from 3rd to 23rd of December as 30 second messages, offers a new lease of life and clearly positions the ‘Père Magloire’ brand as a premium spirit.

Belgium has not been left out, as both the French promotional spot and the Dutch version will be broadcast on RTL Belgium and Nostalgie from 19th November to 8th December.

Radio devices will deliver a GRP of nearly 300 for the target audience, namely professionals aged 35 and over.

Listen as often as you can!

Listen to the spot


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