Tour of the distillery Boulard by 150 bartenders

On April 7, stood the 18th edition of the International Calvados Trophies Nouvelle Vogue with 150 bartenders and students training in the largest bartending schools from 14 countries. On the eve of the competition, these bartenders have discovered or rediscovered the largest distillery in the Pays d’Auge and aging cellars and have the opportunity to enjoy delicious cocktails with Calvados Boulard, of course.


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Calvados Luxury

Где-то в Нормандии, среди зеленеющих нормандских рощ, вот-вот появится на свет новый феномен. Самый прекрасный яблочный бренди в мире, кальвадос, преображается...
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