Meet the French press in Paris!

Le Burgundy, a five star Parisian hotel, was the setting for a gathering of the French press to discover the new premium offerings from Père Magloire, Boulard and Lecompte.

Around twenty journalists were present, with cellar masters to guide them through the tasting of a range of Calvados varieties selected for the occasion. The aromatic feast for the senses and prestige appearance of these exceptional examples of Calvados surprised more than a few attendees!

  • L’Express on Calvados Boulard Auguste and Boulard Extra: “the elegant flavour and appearance of these exceptional spirits match with by the prestigious bottle!”
  • Les Echos: “Calvados that brings luxury to the fore”
  • Homme de Luxe on the Calvados Boulard Auguste: “very rich, very mellow, very elegant, this is a truly seductive Calvados”
  • Régal on Calvados Boulard Auguste: “an exceptional Calvados. As good as it looks”


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