Calvados LECOMPTE 1988

In the salons of the legendary Hôtel Fouquet’s, Lecompte’s Cellar Master recently introduced his latest vintage creation to the French press: the brand’s most iconic creation to date, “Calvados Lecompte 1988”.

Above all, it’s a childhood memory!

For Richard Prével, the Calvados Lecompte 1988 is a sensory journey which takes him back to his childhood. “Beneath the powerful aromas of cooked apple, vanilla and roasted almonds, you can make out subtle fragrances of candied orange, honey and even cinnamon in the 1988 Vintage. I carefully nurtured and watched over the development of this vintage, which takes me back to my childhood; the smell and taste of baked apples, lightly coated in caramelised sugar.”

1988 is also a year to remember!

1988 was Richard Prével’s first year as Cellar Master. He has nurtured and matured this vintage for 25 years, waiting for it to reveal its full aromatic potential. A wonderful anniversay present to celebrate a quarter of a century as Cellar Master!

To make this rare edition even more special, only 1988 carafes – numbered from 1 to 1988 – have been released. And not one more.



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