Double Gold for 20 YO Calvados Père Magloire at San Francisco

The Père Magloire Calvados, grand winner at the famous San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

For the 13th edition of the San Francisco World Spirit Competition held at the Nikkos Hotel from 21 to 24 March, it was the Père Magloire 20-years-old Calvados, the jewel in the range, that won over the judges and took a double gold medal.

No fewer than 34 judges, each of them an expert in spirits, tasted, smelled, compared and graded 1,407 spirits from 64 countries.

Père Magloire 20-years-old was not the only Calvados from the Spirit France Group on the podium, with Père Magloire VSOP and Lecompte 12-years-old Calvados each taking a great gold medal and Lecompte 5-years-old and Boulard VSOP Calvados earning silver medals.

A result that confirms the quality and excellence of the Spirit France Group brands!


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