Calvados Boulard win at Tokyo

Calvados Boulard varieties were honoured at the most recent Cocktail Fiesta, held on 19th and 20th October at the Tokyo International Forum – a gathering of the best bartenders from all over the world. Established in 1994, more than 1,000 bartenders took part in the Cocktail Fiesta competition in the hope of winning the trophy for Best Cocktail 2012.

Marc JEAN, head bartender at the famous Normandy Barrière in Deauville, stood alongside Maison Boulard to introduce the Japanese public to calvados-based cocktails.

But no-one needed convincing that calvados is the perfect base for creating cocktails when the winner of this famous competition, Mr. Suguru Makinago of Bar Leigh Islay in Osaka, scooped the prize with his ‘Haleine Breath’ cocktail using Calvados Boulard Grand Solage!

Cocktail recipe:

20ml Boulard Grand Solage

20ml Midori

10ml Mistia (French Muscat liqueur)

10ml fresh lemon mixed with Orangina


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