National Calvados Week in U.K.

Calvados Père Magloire in partnership with Emporia organizes the first “National Calvados Week” in Great Britain on 14-20 0ctober 2013.

This event promotes the Calvados sector and includes events such as:

-Best Père Magloire showcase competition dedicated to spirit boutiques.

-Best Calvados-made cocktails competition organized with barmen from Edinburgh, Scotland.

-Meet the Makers, a cocktail workshop with Calvados Père Magloire at the”Bread Street Kitchen” one of the most famous restautants belonging to Gordon Ramsay on 15 October.

– Sales promotion and tasting sessions of the Calvados Père Magloire V.S.O.P. at Waitrose including the prestigious shop of Canary Wharf.

To know further about this event, click on the links below:

National Calvados Week


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