Spirit France is top-ranked on BRC-V6 certification

Once again, the Spirit France Group has secured BRC V6 Certification at the highest possible level for all production facilities.

BRC Global Standards is a private, Anglo-Saxon certification programme considered as the world’s leading food safety accreditation scheme since its creation in 1998. This quality certification programme is used all over the world by over 17,000 certified businesses in 90 countries.

The aim of the BVC standard is to specify clear safety and quality criteria, as well as the procedures required of all companies putting food products onto the market.

This recognition was awarded by an independent certification organisation after strict assessments were carried out on all production processes used to make Spirit France products.

Christophe CLAVE, CEO, Spirit-France, said “This distinction is recognition of the high standards to which we hold ourselves. Our facilities already conform to a high number of hygiene and safety norms specific to the food and drink industry. This new certification confirms, to both us and our commercial partners, that Spirit France complies with the highest of standards and is committed to continuous improvement”.


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