‘The value of a treasure
resides in its secret.’

Alc. 40%

Lecompte’s Secret reveals the finest and most complex expressions of a great Calvados Pays d’Auge.

Born of time and patience , this blend comes from our Cellar Master’s unique savoir-faire, since only he knows the complementarities and pairings from which will be born the Secret’s unique aromas.


85 years after Maison Lecompte was founded, the new owners entrusted the Cellar Master with the mission of creating the most extraordinary and the most perfect Calvados ever to have existed. For 5 years, he then proceeded to blend and compose many hundreds of eaux-de-vie.

During this quest for the perfect balance he unearthed a few barrels from the founder of Maison Lecompte, forgotten since 1923. This priceless treasure, made of over 100 eaux-de-vie, will be the final aromatic touch to an already exceptional blend. From the forgotten casks of the House of Lecompte, the Secret was born.