loch lomond classic
loch lomond 21 years old
loch lomond classic


Loch Lomond Classic Single Malt Whisky is a perfect representation of Loch Lomond’s signature style, delivering a burst of sweet honey & citrus notes with a gentle hint of smoke on the finish. Aged in American Oak casks, Loch Lomond Classic Single Malt Whisky is brought together by Michael Henry, our master blender, whose signature on each bottle is our personal assurance of quality.

Alc. 40%


Tasting notes

Nose: First impression of dark, warm leather that then builds into a more Highland heathery character

Palate: A pronounced burst of malt on the tongue with appetizing sweet cereal notes building over time to give an almost creamy texture

Finale: The citrus of the palate subsides, and the finish becomes more conventionally sweet

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